Monday, January 30, 2012

something new from something old

I’ve been wanting to do this little project since last summer and have finally gotten around to it.  I love to see all the creative things other people think of and it inspires me to think outside the box.  My Sis-in-law had given me these two matching shirts she’d picked up at a yard sale or somewhere.  They were pretty, but the style just made for an awkward fit.  Since I have two little girls I saw two little skirts in these shirts.  I used the bottom hem for a casing and just threaded elastic through it for the waist.  The gathers at the bodice made a nice ruffle along the bottom of the skirts without any extra work.

  I love using a tight zigzag stitch while stretching the fabric.
 It's such a quick and easy way to make a ruffled hem.

Wondering what the cut off bottle is doing by the sewing machine?  My mom really should have worked for a magazine like Real Simple (love some of the simple creative hints in there!) or something like that.    I think they would be amazed at her genius. She can think of quick fixes for all kinds of little complications that come up.  She taught me to use an old 2-liter bottle, with the bottom cut off, as a guide for the large size spools of thread.  It’s much more economical to buy the large spools, but they don’t fit on a regular sewing machine.  This trick works like a dream!

Ring Around the Rosy time!

And yes, we do still have fall pumpkins sitting by the garage! J

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