Saturday, October 24, 2015

Lehigh Family Photos

It’s the end of October.
The first frost has come and gone.
As time goes flying forward, I’m going backward a few months.
Back to summer when I took photos of this family.
I loved how they are truly a family.
And how obvious it is that they care about each other.
You can feel it.

 We’ll start with the littlest fellow.
Completely adorable with a personality to match those
sparkly eyes, the grin, and freckles on the nose!
His sweetness will steal your heart.

And now the youngest sister with her open and honest eyes,
genuine smile, and the sprinkling of freckles.
(I love the freckles.)

And here’s the middle sister.
Growing into a young lady
with a lovely soft smile and warm brown eyes.

The big brother – almost a man.
There seems to be a lot of thinking going in that mind of his.

 The oldest sister is graduating, so we took an evening
to do quite a few photos for her.
I admire her confidence and thoughtfulness.
Her willingness to talk.
And laugh.

Ariana, may you experience all the amazing things
God has for you,
by walking in His path!

 And I will leave you with one more of the little guy...
just so you can leave with a smile.

Friday, October 2, 2015

A Poached Pear Kind of Day

It seems a long while since the sun 
has warmed this wet Virginia earth. 

We sit inside doing school, day after day, with the rain dripping outside.
But on Wednesday, the skies were clear long enough that the girls
spent every spare minute outside.
They picked a little bucket of wild pears from a scraggly tree
that grows near the edge of the woods.
This year it’s branches are unusually full.

The fruits are small.
And hard.
And grainy.
But so full of juice and flavor!

They really are not so great for picking up and munching,
So we made poached pears.

 It was an add-as-you-go pot of pears
 that turned out surprisingly delicious.

We added about two cups of water (enough to cover the pears)
and ½ cup sugar to make the syrup.
(I’m thinking of using cranberry juice instead of water next time –
wouldn’t that be nice?!)

The spices were:
One whole cinnamon stick
About 10 whole cloves
A shake or two of ground nutmeg
About a teaspoon of ground ginger (fresh might be better)
And a dash of salt brings out the flavor

We cooked our pears a half an hour or more,
but as I mentioned, they were hard to begin with.
This probably made the cooking time longer.
When a fork pokes through the fruit easily, they’re done.

 I’d say if you’d like to make poached pears with bought fruit,
just choose pears that are still pretty firm,
so they don’t become poached pear sauce.
Although that might be good too! ;)

 And there’s an additional benefit;
the smell of autumn spices filling the house
 is almost as delicious as the pears!

“Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser;
teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning.
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom,
and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.”
Proverbs 9:9,10

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