Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hans and Kimberly -- Wedding

Hans and Kimberly were married on the second weekend of May.  It was one of the very best weddings I’ve ever attended!  The day was typical of spring in Virginia.  It was warm with every growing thing making its best spring showing.  The guests could enjoy that beauty with the ceremony and reception held outside beside a pond and a rustic barn. 

We also enjoyed two short thunderstorms!  And, in my opinion, that is what made Hans and Kim’s wedding so fantastic and memorable.  The wedding party and guests just rolled with the punches and the coordinators did a great job!  Everyone seemed to loosen up and enjoy themselves!

One of Kim’s bridesmaids, Sarah, created
 her dress that they designed.  
It was lovely!

The flowers were done by the bride’s aunt. 

The couple’s first look.

We took some photos at the ceremony location 
and in downtown Lynchburg.

Photo of Hans by Marla Martin.  
Marla was my second shooter at this wedding, 
and I enjoyed working with her again!

photo credit: Marla Martin

Just as the ceremony was beginning, 
after the mothers had been seated and the music 
was playing, we realized that those clouds were
 really not going to go around us.  The preacher 
stopped everything and asked all the guests to 
make their way to the barn.  The rain was upon us!

The guests crowded into the barn, and someone 
led songs while we all waited for the storm to pass.  
Then everyone headed back outside, turned the
 straw bales over since they seemed to be drier 
on the bottom, and the ceremony 
started up right where we had left off!

The decorations were beautifully creative.  
Kim had made hundreds of flowers from
 coordinating fabrics that were used to decorate 
the bridal table and cake table.  
There were mason jars and other
 rustic accents too.

The wedding cake and groom’s cake 
were made by Rhoda Martin. 

You know it’s a great wedding when the kids are
 enjoying themselves just as much as the grownups! 

And again, just after the cake was cut, 
there was more thunder and another downpour!  
The cake was moved into the barn and guests had
 their cake and ice-cream inside. 

I was honored to photograph your wedding, Hans and Kim,
and wish you God’s best in your life together!

 May you honor Him!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Engagement -- Johnny and Melissa

I love engagement photoshoots.
A couple in their own little world and happy to be
in front of the camera  -- what more could you want?

Johnny and Melissa chose a beautiful time year to do their photos!
They wanted some pictures in the city, so we started in Charlottesville
and then headed back to our place to do some country shots as the sun went down.
The sun and clouds kept playing hide and seek, giving us some beautiful light.

Blessings to you, Johnny and Melissa, 
as you prepare for your wedding and life together!

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