Friday, March 24, 2017

Before the Leaves Come Out

The leafing of the trees has been put on hold in Virginia
by the reappearance of Winter this March. 
I like the trees without their leaves. 
True shapes – twisted and gnarled, just beginning,
straight and slim, or ancient and spreading –
the trees are vulnerable and real in the Winter.

And without leaves you can see what was. 
Last summer’s nests are visible.
Who knew there were so many nests,
 tucked away, so near and yet unseen?

We went on a walk on one of Winter’s tricky “Spring”
 days back in January. 
The objective of the stroll was to search for last year's nests.

 Kadence climbed to retrieve a nest.

 I’m not sure what kind it is -- I’m not very good at nest identification
(that’s my Mamma’s specialty.  Here’s a link to see her collection!)

Collecting Sycamore seed balls that are fun to crush
and scatter in the wind.

The beauty of what’s left bare on the Tulip Poplar trees
 after the seeds have long gone.

 Cassia has finally spied her first nest! 
It’s number ten on our walk.
 I’m guessing at this one being a Cardinal’s.

 This Kadi girl had toted her pen and notebook along
 and sat down every now and again to quickly sketch something. 
She does remind me of the girl I used to be!

"Let love be genuine. 
Abhor what is evil; 
hold fast to what is good."
Romans 12:9

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