Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why Not?

Well, here it is, my First Blog Post.  Totally unplanned and unexpected today.  But as Solomon said, “there is a time for everything”, and there are those times you just need to say “why not?”
This morning was bright and sunny and we got a call asking if Kadi wanted to go squirrel hunting with Uncle Matt.  So I said “why not?” and kindergarten lessons were pushed off till this afternoon.  If the Older Sister is doing something special, the Younger Sister should feel special too, so we went to the attic and got out the tea set.  It doesn’t take much to enthrall a two year old!
Honey Bear, Kitty Cat, Smarties and Gingerbread cookies left from the Christmas nativity scene - that’s all you need for a lovely tea!

"Kitty Cat" is special.  I made her in all her whimsy and lankiness before Cassia was born.  She's made from the lining of the bassinet I slept in.  My mamma had sewn and quilted the lining and after lots of use it was worn in places, but I couldn't bear to throw it away.  So now it is Kitty Cat.  Becoming worn again by much love.

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  1. How special for both girls : ). I can't wait to see what else your blog has to say!


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