Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Wreath Project

Christmas time seems to make the creativity levels perk up a bit.
I actually want to quit school for the entire month and just MAKE THINGS.
I’m resisting that urge, but I am taking some time to do some creating this month,
and I’d like to do a few posts in December that might be inspirational
if any of you are feeling the same way!

 Living in Virginia means it’s possible for yesterday’s weather 
to have been in the seventies,
but today the rain is drizzling down in thirty degree temperatures.
So today I’m at my computer looking at yesterday!
I’ve been wanting to make a wreath to hang above our mantle
 for the Christmas season.
We use our woodstove right below the mantle, so a live green wreath wouldn’t work.
I wanted to use things that were already dry or would dry well.
I’m not an “elegant” person, but I was thinking something a little nicer
with the natural glitteriness of the Money Plant pods would be nice for Christmas.
 Everything in this wreath is just things I went out and collected around our house.
Magnolia leaves, Money Plant pods, Golden Rain Tree pods, Pine needles,
dried Hydrangeas, Ornamental Grasses, and Beautyberries.

I literally found myself walking around clipping things in my bare feet
with a goofy grin on my face.
It was that warm… yesterday.

I set up makeshift table of a board on top of a trashcan
 so I could work in the warm sun!
 For the base of the wreath I used an old circle of wire I found in our garage.
I wired clusters of the greens and trimmings 
onto the wire base with florist’s wire as I went.

 Here’s the finished wreath hanging on the garage door.

And here’s the final hanging spot for the wreath.
No, it’s not above the mantle.
It turned out to be a little Too Big.

So now it looks nice all by itself on the wall.
Projects don’t always turn out the way you were originally thinking.
But it’s not always about perfection, but about the joy of creating something. 

“But now, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand.” 
Isaiah 64:8


  1. This is really neat, Jessica! I love seeing what projects you do! :) I hoping to make these: http://tifanilyn.com/2012/11/let-it-snow-diy-snowflake-tutorial-make-something-lovely/ I liked your pictures - neat angles and such! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing your other projects!

    1. I finally got this link to work. These are just beautiful! Thanks, Tashia! Wouldn't they be gorgeous on a package in place of a bow?! I want to try them... first I've got to get an old book though. Wouldn't want to cut up one from my bookshelf! :)


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