Thursday, December 11, 2014

Living at Christmastime

Christmas decorating is happening by bits and pieces in our house.
 We put up our tree last Saturday… I still need to fix the star 
that is drooping ever lower.
  Today I put stuff on the mantel.  
The rest of the house is a wreck, but some spots look nice! 

My energy levels and headaches are fluctuating like the string of lights
 with the bad connection on the front of the house. 
You just never know if they’ll be on or off! 
I’m changing up some of my supplements, and I’m not sure what’s going on
 with the whole Lyme Disease thing.

But on to better thoughts…
 I love to decorate and create and design things.  
So much so that it can become something negative in my life. 
When God gives me something Good, self wants to take it, warp it,
 and make it into something that detracts from God’s glory. 
We see it at Christmas time all around us. 
Something Good. 
Something to Celebrate.  
God, come to earth as a human baby
What better thing to rejoice about? 

But I fall for the temptation, take something Good, 
and turn it into something to serve myself,
 to stress over, to keep up with the Joneses about. 
I take the glory God should be getting at Christmas and give it to myself.
  I think there’s a word for that.
 Idolatry comes to mind.

Here’s one thing I did to keep the truth of Christmas visible this year.

 I made a rustic cross and manger (it’s a great benefit that I like a rustic style.
 It suits my carpentry skills much better!  This was almost disaster. Wink.)
and used Multiflora Rose canes to make a crown. 
The verse I painted on a large piece of black foam board purchased at $Tree.

 Jesus, God’s Son left heaven’s magnificence to be born in a barn.
 As a human no less.

 And then, after living through the trials of being a human on this earth, 
there is death.

 Horrific death. 

But it is death so that all mankind has
 the ability to LIVE.

 It is offered to the whole word!

Is this not an AMAZING LOVE?! 

May we all really LIVE
through HIM this Christmas.

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