Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Family Photography -- Tim and Rachel

My friend, Rachel, asked spur of the moment
 if I’d consider taking a few pictures
of their family a couple of weeks ago. 
The morning turned out to be COLD. 
But the kids were happy and they only wanted
a few pictures – mainly one with the whole family,
so we went for it in spite of the chilly weather.

Ava, Josiah, and McKinzie.

 Rachel, my friend, you are so beautiful. 
And it comes from the inside to the outside.

 When kids are this cute,
who can help but take pictures?!
 We got more than the “just a couple” that
we were hoping for.

 Ahhh.  SO handsome!

 And before you finish photos in the fall
there should definitely be a big leaf rumble!!!

 I love how these children ADORE their Daddy. 
He’s an awesome father – you can tell
by the way his kids love him.

I love all of you and enjoyed so much
taking your photos!

1 comment:

  1. Aw!! I love these! I got to meet all but Tim, back in September while we were farm sitting for y'all! Naomi (Rachel's sister and my very dear friend + pen pal) was staying at their house and I spent one morning with them!! It was so special!

    I love fall photo shoots! Thanks for sharing!


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