Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Fun - I Heart Faces Entry

I felt a hint of wistfulness when I noticed
my daughter Kadence, who is six, had brought a book
 out to the swing and was lost in another world. 
 I remember those carefree summer days
being a girl,
and it doesn’t seem that long ago.

The photo theme at I Heart Faces for July is
 “Summer Fun”
 and I found it hard to decide what to enter. 
There are so many special things about summer!
Photo Challenge Submission


  1. I have a soon to be second grade avid reader, too. Just as I was, though my love started a bit later. It is wonderful to see them reading, isn't it? And what a beautiful spot for a quiet summer's read!

  2. Love the feel of this photo..soft colors and everything!

  3. How utterly sweet! Love that she chose a Frog & Toad book too! :)


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