Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A World of Reading

A few weeks ago I came upon Kadence, in her own
 little world, sitting on the swing with a book. 
It made me long just a little for when I was a girl
and the simple life it was, this being a child.

And it also made me just a wee bit sad somehow.
My little girl has just finished first grade and
has come to a new stage in life.
Gone are the days of me skipping sections or
changing words in a storybook so she wouldn’t cry
 over some bit of sadness in the character’s life.
  Gone are the days of me explaining and discussing
 with her what the moral of the story is or how a
 character should have responded differently.
Not that I will never read with her or discuss the
 books she reads, but there will obviously be things
 that she will filter and think through entirely on her
 own.  There are things she is learning without me
being the one presenting the information. 
 I’m letting go a little bit.

On a lighter note, I love how she loves books. 
When we get home from the library she dives right in! 
She’s quite pleased to be keeping a list of the books
 she’s read for the summer reading program
we signed up for last week.

I can’t help but love the simplicity of
Frog and Toad
and their adventures of normal life.    

“Toad, Toad, wake up,” said Frog. 
“Look at your garden!”
Toad looked at his garden. 
Little green plants were coming up
out of the ground.
“At last,” shouted Toad,
“my seeds have stopped
being afraid to grow!”
“And now you will have
A nice garden too," said Frog.
“Yes,” said Toad,
“but you were right, Frog,
It was very hard work.”

“Lord, let me be quick to let go of what I should,
And grant the wisdom to hold tightly
to what I should not.”

The instructions of the LORD are perfect,
reviving the soul.
The decrees of the LORD are trustworthy,
making wise the simple.
Psalm 19:7


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