Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just Summer

It’s summer.  When my weeks fly by like days. 
When we spend more time with family and friends. 
When hours and hours are spent outside. 
Hours in the garden, hours in any sort of water that might be available,
hours having picnics and swatting mosquitoes. 
And my housework makes a serious decline. (It’s really bad!)

Maybe I don’t need to explain why I haven’t posted here in two weeks?!

I’m throwing some random pictures in here of life.
 Just little bits of the last couple of weeks of our summer.
 It’s been good.

 Picking yummy peaches.

  Girl fun with friends on a waterslide I found for six bucks at Family Dollar.

I’m enjoying the Garden so much this year! 
Last year when Lyme had me down I was barely able to keep up with life,
and anything I did took so much effort – this summer
I’m thoroughly enjoying having more energy!
Okra on the stalk.
 Green beans – the Whole Long Row.
 We got to spend time with a brother from Liberia, Africa. 
(Here he's helping to do beans at my in-laws.
God is real and God is good!  
His story of miracles in escaping his country during
The brutal civil war in the 90’s is amazing. 
 Now he has opportunity to live here in the USA,
but chooses instead to serve suffering people in Africa.  
It was a privilege just to hear him
preach on Sunday morning at our church talking about 
hindrances to true Christianity. 
He’s for real!

 My man driving the family to church on Sunday morning.

The girls and their cousin pulled all the carrots in the garden and 
got a whole five gallon bucket full.  
Washing carrots equals more water fun!

This week is Vacation Bible School in the city of Charlottesville. 
This is my girls class.

My father-in-law’s plants have been yielding 3 ½ to five gallons every other day! 
So huge and delicious, and they come without thorns. J

 This little nest we found tucked in the blackberry row.

Another trip to Lexington to see my Lyme Dr.  
So glad for a car that gets great fuel milage! ;)
 I’m on yet another different antibiotic – I’ve been on antibiotics
 for over eight months now. 
It’s hard to believe.
 I feel like we are getting somewhere even though I still have some bad days!

My girls and I spent two days and one night canoeing the Rapidan River
with my four sisters-in-law (they are the best ever!), Sheralyn, and my two nieces!
 This was the first time overnighting on the river for the kids and they loved it!

Our Sleeping quarters. 
photo credit: Bethany

 Morning hot chocolate.
photo credit: Bethany

Supper – Sooo delicious!
photo credit: Bethany

The dam and mill on the river in my hometown of Rapidan.
photo credit: Bethany

"Exalt the LORD our God; 
worship at his footstool! 
Holy is he!"

Psalms 99:5

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  1. Hey Jessica! :) Looks like your having a fun Summer! I was glad you shared these pictures!!
    Just wanted to let you know I have a blog!


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