Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dandelions at Dusk

The girls and I went for a little walk one evening after supper.  We could see the setting sun glowing through the trees and it beckoned us to the front field.  Its soft light also summoned me to bring my camera! 

Dandelion wishes.

Cassie Jo’s blowing techniques still need to be perfected.

Big Sister gives a great blow while Little Sister’s flits about in the background with her bouncy hair looking like its own dandelion puff.

“Watch me climb this tree, Mamma!”

So I watched for a while, and then I impressed them pretty well by demonstrating to them how to hang on a branch upside down with your knees and flip off.  Every once in a while I forget my age.  I kinda like to astound them every once in a while. ;)   I’ll only include the pictures here of Kadi once she got the hang of it. J

The girls begged to take pictures with my camera so I let them each take a turn.
Kadence took pictures of Cassia and I.

This child loves to cuddle.

And giggle.  And be tickled.

And be turned upside down.

Now it’s Cassia’s turn with the camera…
Her skinny little arms holding an object weighing almost four and a half pounds was a little much!  But a few of the shots were clear and didn’t have grass filling the frame. J

I didn’t crop this one she took of me.
  And I like the tilt that’s going on. J
Our Pup, Jerusha.
Therefore I will give thanks to You, O Lord, among the nations,
And I will sing praises to Your name."
II Samuel 22:50

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  1. These are so neat, Jessica! I love dandelion pictures! The one Cassia took of you is neat! She must be picking up photography skills from you!! :) thanks for sharing!! ~Tashia


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