Tuesday, May 7, 2013

PLAY - I Heart Faces Entry

Play just happens.
Everywhere children go there is play!
I’m amazed at my little girls…  in the grocery store a bag of rice turns into a tiny baby.
At the table pencil colors become a family
full of imaginary activity – the shortest ones are the kids of course.
Outside all varieties of seeds and rocks and grasses make
the most amazing gourmet meals.

This shot of my girls was taken one evening (go here to for that post) 
when we were out in the front field,
playing with Dandelion Wishes!

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Photo Challenge Submission


  1. Girls and their dandelions- so sweet!

  2. beautiful lighting and subjects

  3. The essence of childhood captured!!! Beautiful light and priceless moment!

  4. Great light, wonderful colors, and beautiful girls. Loving everything about this.

  5. Love the softness and light here. A perfect childhood moment captured.

  6. All little girls love dandelions! Beautiful picture!

  7. This is just stunning ;p It is so hard to capture,"soft," photos of my boys! #Envious ;p


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