Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge – Pets

This is our family pet, Jerusha.  She’s a Shi-tzu with a summer haircut!  She came to our home as just a mini ball of fluff three months after we were married and has been spoiled ever since. 

Five little known facts about Jerusha:
1. She likes raw green beans.
2. She is terrified of the gas truck that fills up the farm tanks.
3. She chases thunder.
4. She doesn’t like other dogs.
5. She ran away from home after our first daughter was born. (yes, she was depressed!)


I’ve entered this photo in the “Pets” photo contest at I Heart Faces.  To see more fun pet photos click on their button!  And you really should check out the stuff from photographer Seth Casteel who’s doing the judging this month!  Those underwater dog pictures are amazing! J  
Photo Challenge Submission


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