Friday, May 6, 2016

Tyler and Heather -- Family Photography

Meet this little dark eyed lady named Britton!
We finally found time to make a little
 late-afternoon photoshoot happen with her family.
Britton had a birthday in the winter and was full of the normal one-year-old energy.
I love this age!
I love their wonder and the challenge that brings to taking photos.
And I love the naturally motion filled photos that happen.

 Britton is going to be joined by a little sister, and her mamma brought
some fun props to do an announcement picture.

I couldn’t decide… Black and White or Color on this one?!
If you have an opinion let me know!

It was great getting to know you a little bit, Tyler and Heather!
Blessings on your family and the little one to come!


  1. Definitely the black and white... these pictures are ADORABLE!

    1. I lean toward the black and white too... but it's hard to decide! :) Adorable subjects make adorable photos!


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