Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Waldron Family Photos

Meet the Waldron family.
My dear friend, Rachel, is the oldest daughter with nine siblings coming after her.
She asked if I would consider doing family photos.
They wanted to give their mother, Cari, a special gift for mother’s day.
Cari has been battling a very serious cancer.
I knew I wanted to do the photos for them.
So we spent an evening in June photographing
the whole family, in their back pasture.
It was beautiful.
There were tears… and lots of laughter.
So many personalities – some subtle
and some shining through for all to see!

A photo with the grandparents and grandchildren
including the one on the way.

There was a little surprise in the bag. 
A sure way to get some expression in the photos!

  I will admit that I cried while editing these precious pictures. 
God is good and Cari is feeling well for now.

 Just look at that little one on the end…
SO much personality going on!

God bless each one of you, friends!

1 comment:

  1. Aww. ♡ I've been waiting to see these ever since Naomi told me you were taking them!! You did a wonderful job, Jessica, and such a precious gift to Cari!
    I know things have been hard for their family and it's amazing how well Cari is now!! ♡
    I love each photo and i don't blame you for crying. I would have too. ♡


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