Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ethan & Rachael's Wedding -- Part Two

Here is the second part of Ethan and Rachael’s wedding.  
All the pictures you see here were taken by the photographer, Marla Martin.  
Thank you, Marla, for allowing me to use your beautiful pictures!

The wedding ceremony and reception was held in a small community lodge building in the town of Orange, VA.  The guests sat at the tables with the chairs facing the stage during the vows and then turned them to the tables when it was time for the reception.  The room was all wood with exposed beams and a cozy rustic feel – just what Ethan and Rachael wanted.

Mason jars wrapped with a bit of burlap and holding a few sprigs of forced Flowering Almond blossoms, along with trailing Ivy on a burlap runner, made the centerpieces.

The ceremony begins.

 The bride’s mother made the burlap isle runner.

 This beautiful lady is the mother of the bride.

 A backdrop of birch trees was hung on the stage for
 the ceremony.  My mamma created it with chalk 
on heavy fabric.  It was gorgeous!

 The bride and groom re-enter for the reception!

 While the guests waited for the meal, the band 
"Free on the Inside" played.  Ethan is the drummer.  
And that handsome lead singer is my husband! ;)

The cake was made by Amanda Glenn.  
It was lovely – a piece of “birch bark” tree trunk with
 Ethan and Rachel’s initials carved in it.   
Two carved wooden birds perched on the top 
that Ethan had made.   
Icing mushrooms around the base looked so real 
the littlest flower girl refused to eat them.  
“But I don’t like muthrooms,” she insisted!

 The four little flower girl baskets held Ivy leaves 
and were made by my mamma with birch bark.
 One of Rachael’s talented friends created this 
art of the bride and groom with spray paint!

Little nests from my mamma’s nest collection were
 tucked in among the Ivy vines on the tables.

 The favors were made by the bride’s mother 
and each little pouch of burlap contained 

Ethan and his new bride pose for a picture with his
 buddies from Asia mission trips (EDGE).  Some of 
the guys wore flannel in honor of Ethan.

The Best Man and Maid of Honor both gave a speech.

 The Happy Ending!!!

My little brother and new sister, 
may you always be as much in love as you were on this day.  
May you seek to follow God’s path and none other.  
“seek the Lord your God and you will find him, 
if you search after him with all your heart and with all your soul.”  
I love you both so very much!

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  1. Such an amazing celebration!!
    I love you guys!!


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