Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ethan & Rachael's Wedding -- part one

Ten days ago my little brother got married.
Be prepared.
I completely gave up on narrowing the photos 
down to “just a few”!
It was just such an awesome celebration!!
I love how Ethan and Rachael’s personalities shown through on their wedding day.

Our cousin, Marla, was the photographer, and I was one of the
assistant photographers during the portrait time before the ceremony.

 Rachael had a small wreath of Flowering Almond blossoms in her hair. 
Her mother had brought branches indoors and forced the blooms.

The first look.

 The flower girls love their Uncle Ethan!
These are my two girls, Kadence and Cassia,
And their cousins, Skylynn and Jenika.

These boys felt so cool all dressed up that they
 broke into a pretty awesome version of “Lean on Me” right there in the alleyway.

 I love these four guys.
They’re my brothers. 
Two are blood brothers and two are brothers
because they’ve been my little bro’s best buddies since way back.
(Not to mention they both somehow wound up as my brother’s-in-law!) 

 The bride and her three sisters
who were her bridesmaids.

 The bride’s family.

 The groom’s family (also my family!)
photo credit: Marla

 The little wooden box with leather hinges 
made by Ethan for their vows and rings.

Coming next week:
The ceremony and reception!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Certainly a day to remember:)

  2. Awe they were so GREAT! Thanks for all your awesome hard work :D
    Rachael Heatwole <3

  3. Beautiful pictures! I look forward to your next post! :)

  4. As always- superb! Love everyone of you guys!

  5. Wedding venue is so stunning and great photography work.Thanks for sharing this blog.


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