Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Family Photogaphy - the Millers


  The Miller family asked me to take some family photos for them near Charlottesville, and we had a fun time with their whole family.  Two little grandkids can make it a challenge with all their energy, but I love it!  They are just adorable – Brianna is a little doll and her little brother Blake’s sparkling blue eyes will win you over in no time!


  These photos were taken last fall and I didn’t want to post them before Christmas and spoil any surprises!  And here it is, tomorrow the first day of spring!  It doesn’t look like spring here yet, but there are signs of its coming.  I’m enjoying the green of these photos and the wildflowers and looking forward to seeing it in reality soon!





  1. Beautiful pictures, Jessica!!

  2. WOW! Your photos are wonderful! I'm joining your blog. Love it!!!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! Hope to hear more from you! :)


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