Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Heart Faces Challenge - Best face of 2012


This beautiful girl is like a little sister to me.   For a long time I’ve wanted to take a photo that captures her lovely eyes.  Her eyes change colors.  A lot.  I wanted to capture them at their Most Emerald Greenness (green is my favorite color, in case I’ve never mentioned that) which comes when she wears the right colors.  But after snapping a bunch of different pictures, this is my favorite even thought it's not showing the green much.  I love the coldness of winter, but the life in her eyes. 
 Sheralyn, I love you!
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Photo Challenge Submission 


  1. Your friend is absolutely beautiful. I love her eyes. Great concept for a shoot! I like how you framed her face with a blanket. Very pretty! I hope she will keep modeling for you and you will be able to capture the emerald green soon! Love, Becky

  2. Aww that's really pretty of Sheralyn!!! :)


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