Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Random Tidbits from the Last Few Months

Like the title says, this is bits and pieces from life the last couple of months. 

I actually hung new family photos on the living room wall. 
The ones I took down were about five years old – high time for an update. 
These are “canvases” that I did on the cheap.
 (I did a post on this easy method here.)  

A beautiful ice storm came along last month,
 right before things decided to take a turn for spring.  
The view outside was much more lovely than the one inside.

I got my very first smart phone.  
No more 160 character text limits!!  
And I don’t have to be at my computer to check facebook. ;)

Cassia turned seven. 
We decorated her cake with lots of tiny flowers
 made from rolled out starbursts and fondant cutters. 

What happens when the seven year old daughter
 is doing your hair, and the fun of a camera phone.
   Never, NEVER, roll your hair up in a comb. 
I had to ask Nathan to bring some sort of strong cutting tool 
from the shop to cut the comb apart to remove it from my hair. 
I was glad no one dropped by the house while I was waiting for my rescue! :) 
It’s a good memory now!

When the boots totally wear out, they’re still useful. 

It’s a mighty lady hunter we have! 

Yesterday I actually had the gumption to siphon gallons
 of water from our fish tank and out the window with the garden hose.
   We are taking a fish tank break. 
After our Angelfish (she’s the same one who had all the surgeries!) 
somehow managed to get trapped under some rocks and died (a sad day), 
we decided it would be nice to declutter that corner of the living room.  
And yes, that’s a bag of rice holding up the lamp.
  The lamp needs a doctor.

And last of all here’s my latest To Do list. 

This event has been a real life changer the last few months.  
Having a good reason for exhaustion and frequent Dr. visits is pretty exciting! 
We’re a expecting a little someone in September! 
God is so good.  
Not knowing if this would ever happen in our family
 after Lyme Disease has made me even more grateful for the miracle.
And as you can probably imagine, 
the big sisters are thrilled beyond words.  
Nathan had the idea of making a snow family with one 
Little Extra to break the news to them.
(the littlest one is the dog, can you tell?)  
Watching the reality sink in on their faces as they figured it out
 was something to see.  
They went around the rest of the day with goofy grins on their faces. 
I may or may not have had the same grin too.

“Blessed be the LORD!
For he has heard the voice of my pleas for mercy.
The LORD is my strength and my shield;
in him my heart trusts, and I am helped;
my heart exults,
and with my song I give thanks to him.”
Psalm 28:6,7

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  1. Loved seeing this peek into your life, Jessica! Lovely canvases, beautiful cake, love your creativity with the boots, and such a fun way to tell the girls they will be getting a new sibling! So happy for y'all! Praying for a safe pregnancy + delivery! <3


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