Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Chickens

Last week I was cleaning some chicken leg quarters 
to make my Great Aunt Ina Heatwole’s 
most delicious Barbequed Chicken recipe. 
Standing there at the sink gave my brain some free time.  
The extra energy I’ve had lately (praising God!), 
combined with a little time for my mind to spin,
 equals who knows-what-will-happen. 
I started contemplating raising some
 chickens for meat. 

 Nathan noticed this week that Tractor Supply
 had some Cornish Rock chicks, 
and so yesterday to town we went.  

 The girls were tremendously excited.  
I gave them great warnings about
 the impending ends of these birds.  
They say they’ll help butcher them.  
(I’m just hoping they grow into really ugly critters. 
Right now they’re awfully cute!)

 We took a few little peeps outside this afternoon 
to take some pictures.

 Getting your picture taken 
sure makes you sleepy!
These little fellows fall asleep
 almost anywhere.

 And a now two pictures of just my girls 
on this beautiful spring afternoon.  
They make me happy!

"I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness
 and will sing praise to the name 
of the LORD Most High."
 Psalm 7:17

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