Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Whose Dream is it?

It seems that true followers of Jesus often have dreams
 for their lives that are unexplainable.  
These dreams or desires come from the very depths 
of the soul and are a part of who the person is.  
The dreams may flow a little vaguely sometimes 
or they may be perfectly understandable. 
But they are deep within.  
Some would call them callings for a life.  
It’s a drive that is unexplainable, but I believe 
it is formed in a person’s heart by God.

   It is interesting that often these dreams,
 put into us by God, are asked to be relinquished.  
I’ve experienced it.  
It’s as though God says, “I’ve given you a dream.  
Are you willing to let it go?  
Are you willing for there to be only Me 
and no other gods, or dreams, higher than me?  
Are you willing to let go of what runs deep inside you?”

   These times in life are defining moments of our faith. 
We have a choice.  Will we believe God 
or will we elevate the dream that we hold so dearly, 
that is so much a part of who we are?

   Think of Abraham and the promised calling and 
dream in his life – his son, Isaac.  
Abraham’s dream was from God.  
He was asked to give it up.  
Consider Moses and his deep heart of compassion 
for his people bound in slavery.  
His dream was to help his people.  
But God took him away into the wilderness 
where he worked as a shepherd as his people 
toiled in oppression for another forty years 
while Moses learned to trust. 

   But the Giver of the dream, 
the One who is more valuable than the calling, 
is also the Giver of Life.  
After the seed of a dream is given up, is buried, and dies,
 God gives it life. 
It’s at this point that the Christian knows this dream
 is no longer his own.  
It is only God’s to do with as He pleases.

   God often asks us to prove that He is all we need.  
We need no identity in a calling or mission. 
In fact, we are not even worthy of the calling.   
We need no fulfilment other than the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

   When a calling is surrendered and rebirthed by God,
 it is His alone.  
We are free, not bound to a dream within ourselves,
 but bound only to Jesus Christ.

“Not that we are adequate in ourselves 
to consider anything as coming from ourselves, 
but our adequacy is from God.” 
2 Corinthians 3:5


  1. This is a beautiful post!

    1. Thank you Colby. I miss your pretty face!

  2. This is such a wonderful post. Thank you...... I remember so many times , pleading and even demanding of God that I be able to pursue my dream, given by HIM , after all.
    Time after time he painful reality of death to my dream almost did me in.....I didnt understand and finally got to the point I gave in....I released it God, and really have no desire to pursue it anymore.....
    Then....surprise....I look back over my life and realize He was giving me the desires of my heart all along.....it looked different, but He knows what was best.....

    The dying is so hard, but we have to keep faith that Jesus always gives something better when we let Him have our hearts...which is what it is really all about.

    Sill learning....thank you for he encouragement. Kim G.

    1. Thank you for sharing here, Kim. I appreciate what you said. God is good and so worthy of our surrender and total trust!


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