Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gerry and Carmelita's Wedding

It was a beautifully overcast fall day, perfect for
Gerry and Carmelita’s wedding.  The feeling of Autumn
 in the air was complemented by the yellows and oranges
 of the bouquets, and a splash of deep blue
 added contrast. 

The beautiful Orchid is the national flower of Honduras,
 where Gerry is from.

photo credit: Mandy Summy

Gerry and Carmie chose to have their first meeting in a lovely grove of trees by a river before the ceremony.  Carmie had written a letter to her man.

photo on left credit: Mandy Summy


photo credit: Mandy Summy





At the reception the bride and groom went to the stage where Gerry played
and sang a song he’d written for his bride.  So sweet!

photo credit: Mandy Summy


The cake had a tiny white book on top that had “Prayers and Bible Stories for Children” written inside the front cover.  It had been on the wedding cake of Carmie’s grandma many years ago and on her mother’s cake also.  How awesome is that?

God bless you Gerry and Carmie!  May the love of Jesus shine from your lives!

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  1. Jessica these are very good!! i so enjoyed looking at them!! the prayer book is so neat i didn't even see it on top of the cake. guess that shows how observant i was at the wedding. Tammy


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