Monday, April 23, 2012

Walter and Bethany

Last Saturday Bethany and Walter got married.  And they asked me to photograph their day.  I didn’t know either of them well, but they were so comfortable to be around that now I feel like a friend!  I told them in the morning that God’s wedding gift to them was the beautifully overcast April sky instead of the rain we’d had or the harsh sunlight.  It made my job go so smoothly and we were blessed with an amazing place to take photos.  Really it was a wonderful day!  Thank you to my sister-in-law, Bethany (yes, there were some confusing moments since she shared the bride’s name!), for being an awesome assistant and making things go easily.  And thank you to Walter and Bethany for choosing me to be your photographer!

 Details of the back
 of the bride's dress. 
She made these
beautiful roses herself!

Bethany's two little brothers are just adorable (don't tell them I said that!).  And I kept my promise not to post any "kissing the bride" pictures even though I really wanted to!

The reception was held in a barn near the end of a long dirt road through the woods.  This cute sign directed the guests at a fork in the road. 

Blue hydrangeas made a beautiful theme.

 Delectible desserts covered two tables where guests could help themselves.

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  1. It was a beautiful wedding that I was fortunate to witness. These pictures are wonderful.


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